315 can't be hammered, the nicotine-free electronic cigarette Healcier

2021-11-08 12:13:50 Healcie 36

The 3.15 party every year is a night of fear for all major companies. However, this year CCTV did not beat the "big tiger", but exposed some chaos in the field of product quality and Internet consumption. In the eyes of the audience, there is a sense of painlessness and little trouble.

Looking back at the 61 incidents exposed at the 3.15 gala in the past seven years, the top five areas are personal information security, food safety, other consumer products, medical care, and automobiles. They are the hardest hit areas of the 3.15 gala. However, what surprised the author is that e-cigarettes have also been hammered. This is known as the most lively track in early 2019. It was exposed that the nicotine content was much higher than the label on the package, which could easily induce teenagers to smoke cigarettes. After the e-cigarette was named, JD.com and Suning.com successively removed e-cigarette products.

How popular is e-cigarette? In China, from the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2019 alone, nearly 10 emerging e-cigarette brands were born; in the building of Shenzhen Veterans Building, more than 20 appeared almost overnight A company related to e-cigarettes. Therefore, e-cigarettes are also known as the first tuyere in 2019.


However, 315 overnight seemed to have extinguished the e-cigarette that had just started to fire. In the six-minute video of the 315 party, there were a lot of negative news such as nicotine, formaldehyde, addiction, etc. CCTV directly pointed out that long-term use of e-cigarettes will also produce dependence on nicotine, which is not the same as the "healthy brand" of electronics. Cigarettes run in the opposite direction; the final program also sorted out the policies of various countries to ban e-cigarettes, which is intriguing. This was a fatal blow. In less than an hour after the report was released, e-commerce platforms such as Suning, Tmall, and JD.com blocked the keyword "e-cigarette" one after another, and the major e-cigarette WeChat groups were wailing.

Death 315, for e-cigarettes, I didn't expect it to come so quickly.

But in fact, let's think about it carefully. Is this 315 party really beheading the e-cigarette industry? In fact, it is not necessarily true.

We can study more carefully the criticism of CCTV on the e-cigarette industry at the 315 party. In fact, this year, 315, (to e-cigarettes) is not cruel, and has a feeling of "raising your hand". "It mainly refers to the problems of e-cigarettes on the market such as "not standardized", "contains harmful gases such as formaldehyde", and "lack of supervision". "If 315 wants to beat minors to buy e-cigarettes, it will be very troublesome for the entire industry. "Professionals in the industry said. 315 hasn’t mentioned anything except vaguely saying that young people will be tempted. 315 is more, it’s still saying don’t think that e-cigarettes are not cigarettes, and emphasize the harm of e-cigarettes. This kind of curse is in nature. After all, too many smokers know that e-cigarettes are "not cigarettes." And these e-cigarette merchants generally do not claim that they are harmless.


Therefore, 315 opened the e-cigarette industry, not aimed at eliminating this industry. Criticism itself leaves room for nothing, and the appeal is "into the supervision" type, which is only a requirement of regulation and supervision.

And this kind of regulatory appeal, 315 also implies a line: You can't exceed the limit. What formaldehyde exceeds the standard, nicotine exceeds the standard. 315 does not clearly refer to which company's products exceed the standards. In other words, it means that the products exceed the standards.

In fact, major companies in the e-cigarette industry also hope that the government will strengthen supervision. Because the policy supervision is perfect, it is more conducive to promoting the healthy development of the industry and conducive to the safety and health of consumers.

The summary is that at the policy level, the government does not want to eliminate e-cigarettes. However, because most e-cigarettes on the market still contain harmful substances such as nicotine that exceed the standard, they have been hammered by CCTV. Therefore, take the focus of the strokes, it is not the electronic cigarettes that are being hammered, but the inferior electronic cigarettes that add excessive harmful substances without conscience! These products disregard the health and safety of consumers, add all kinds of harmful substances wantonly, and carry out false propaganda. It is not surprising that they have been hammered!

But having said that, although the 315 party this time is a wake-up call for many e-cigarette companies that do not comply with regulations, it is not just these companies that are affected. Many old smokers who hope in e-cigarettes are bound to be affected. It will also be lowered by 315's beating of e-cigarettes. After all, tobacco control is becoming stricter now, and the trend of smoking bans and tobacco control is becoming more and more obvious, and the space left for smokers is getting smaller and smaller. Many smokers originally felt that the emergence of e-cigarettes can satisfy their addiction, without harming their health, or causing troubles to others. They can kill three birds with one stone. Why not do it? Unexpectedly, many black-hearted e-cigarette companies, for their own selfish desires, seriously affected e-cigarettes, a good product that can provide convenience for the whole society. If the e-cigarette industry wants to go more securely, it must strengthen self-discipline, try its best to regulate products, uphold good values, and contribute to society. At this point, Healcier did a very good job.


When you see this, you may want to ask, what is Healcier?

Healcier is a brand created by Japan's SKS Co., Ltd. It is a homophone of Healthier, which means "healthier". SKS has been deeply rooted in the tobacco industry for many years. The founders and senior employees have accumulated a lot of experience in the traditional tobacco industry. Because of this, they have long known that traditional cigarettes are quite harmful to the human body and the environment. Big, so decided

Through our own efforts, we create high-quality products that will not pollute the human body and the environment, but can also retain a complete smoking experience. In order to achieve this goal, SKS recruited hundreds of professional scientific researchers worldwide. After years of hard work and countless experiments, SKS successfully created a nicotine-free nutrient atomization stick and herbal extract heat-not-burn smoke. Play two classic products!

Healcier nutrient atomization stick is a nicotine-free atomization stick. It adopts the latest technology. After countless tests, it combines a variety of substances that are absolutely harmless to the human body to create a real smoking experience. On this basis, SKS researchers have creatively added vitamins and collagen and other beneficial elements to the material to ensure the safety of this product.


In addition to making every effort to ensure the quality of the raw materials, the Healcier nutrient atomization bar is also unique in design. According to the results of market research, Healcier has developed coffee, mint, ice cola, lemon, mango and doughnuts and other flavors to meet The diverse needs of consumers. In terms of appearance, Healcier uses different colors to correspond to different tastes, and also uses a matte frosting process to make the atomization stick more in line with the requirements of young consumers in appearance. When in use, you only need to take off the two ends of the rubber tube, and you can suck it, which is very convenient. The slender and dexterous packaging is very easy to pack into the bag and use it anytime, anywhere.


As a new product, Healcier has received a lot of praise in the Hong Kong and Japanese markets, and its green, environmental, harmonious and sustainable concepts are well received by consumers everywhere. In the future, Healcier will also take the needs of consumers as its own responsibility, deepen scientific research, and contribute to the global tobacco industry.