• Healcier attended the 2021 Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

    December 6, 2021 the 2021 Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Exhibition has attracted domestic and foreign electronic cigarette practitioners and manufacturers. The most eye-catching here is the debut of healcier in China.

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  • Healcier What is a new heat-not-burn cartridge

    If you have not heard of heat not burning tobacco, you are not alone. Today, John W. Ayers, an associate professor at the San Diego State University Institute of Public Health, published in the journal "Public Science in the Public Library of Science" A new study shows that this new method of tobacco consumption is ready for explosive growth.

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  • Domestic heating non-combustion Healcier, no nicotine, no tar, healthy smoking cessation new technology

    In 2018, the National Tobacco Work Conference was held in the background. Ling Chengxing, secretary and director of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, and general manager of China National Tobacco Corporation, made a report. In the report, Director Ling mentioned the e-cigarette industry many times, and Director Ling emphasized 2018 The key task of tobacco work is to highlight "one primary task, to achieve five perseverance." The first "unswerving" category mentioned "closely follow the new trends in the tobacco market, take care of and support the accelerated development of cigar cigarettes," Actively develop new products such as e-cigarettes, snouts, and heat-not-burn tobacco products. "Traditional tobacco produces nicotine through combustion and contains tar.

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  • Domestic products make efforts, Healcier leads the global heat-not-burn cartridges

    As tobacco control actions continue to advance around the world, traditional tobacco has declined. The global smoking rate has fallen by nearly half in the past 25 years. Affected by this, global cigarette sales have been on a downward trend. In China, the trend of smoking control and smoking bans in the past decade has become more and more obvious, and the space for smokers is getting smaller and smaller. Forced to switch to alternative cigarette products. Affected by this situation, new tobacco products have gradually become a hot spot for research and development,

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  • Healcier Heat non-combustion cartridge won the "Excellent Achievement Award"

    On September 9, 2019, Dongguan Vanilla Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the 16th National Scientist Forum. The patent of Dongguan Vanilla Bioengineering Co., Ltd. for "a healthy cigarette from tea extract" won the "Excellent Scientific and Technological Achievement" award of this year's Scientists Forum, and was given a key recommendation. The 16th Chinese Scientists Forum Dongguan Vanilla Bioengineering Co., Ltd. was at the venue. Chen Gui, the chairman of the 16th China Scientists Forum and the president of "Discovery" magazine, issued a certificate of honor to Dongguan Vanilla Bioengineering Co., Ltd.

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  • Healcier,Homophonic Healthier,It is a heat-not-burn cartridge based on plant extracts!

    Healcier, homophonic Healthier, is a heat-not-burn cartridge based on plant extracts! It is precisely because of seeing that most heat-not-burn cartridges on the market still contain a certain amount of nicotine, SKS Co., Ltd. realizes that if it is to fundamentally solve the problem of smoking harmful to the human body, it must start with combustion materials. In order to solve the problem of burning materials, SKS Co., Ltd. convened hundreds of scientific researchers around the world, conducted countless experiments, and found a plant extract-inhaling vanilla.

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  • 315 can't be hammered, the nicotine-free electronic cigarette Healcier

    The 3.15 party every year is a night of fear for all major companies. However, this year CCTV did not beat the "big tiger", but exposed some chaos in the field of product quality and Internet consumption. In the eyes of the audience, there is a sense of painlessness and little trouble. Looking back at the 61 incidents exposed at the 3.15 gala in the past seven years, the top five areas are personal information security, food safety, other consumer products, medical care,

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