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Material: Genuine healthy botanical extracts
Healthy: No nicotine, no second-hand smoking, no toxic compound
Features: Heat not burn, no ignition, no ash, environmental friendly
Usage: Compatible with IQOS, QOQ and other heating devices(holder)
Packaging: 20 sticks in 1 pack, 10 packs in 1 box
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Brand Name sanbao
Model Number Menthol2
Battery Capacity(mAh) No Battery
Resistance(Ω) N/A
Power(W) N/A
Built-in Or External Battery No battery
Display screen N/A
Material Paper, Healthy botanical extracts
weight 23g
size 7.7*4.8*1.6
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Experience Real smoking feeling
Features Coffee, Blueberry, Citrus, Strong menthol, Menthol, Regular
Usage 20 sticks in 1 pack, 10 packs in 1 box
Flavors Coffee
Packaging 20 sticks in 1 pack, 10 packs in 1 box
Healthy No toxic compound, No heavy metal

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